Crewing agency

PRIMERA Maritime is an independent manning agency dully organized and acting in accordance with Romanian laws, experienced in recruitment of qualified Officers and crew for Ship Owners and Ship management companies worldwide. The wages are competitive for all kind of ranks, period of contract varies, between 2 and 6 months , depends of the Company policies and the rank of crew. For more informations regarding the vessels and our Principals, please don’t hesitate to visit the „Parteners” section or to contact us.



Recruitment can be done through the crewing agency "PRIMERA Maritime" in order to satisfy as much as possible the needs of managers / owners of worldwide vessels.



Our partners are reliable people with whom we work with from the beginning, salaries are competitive and always on time!



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Confidence Crew

We understand the needs and importance of international maritime crew and we treated as such this problem.

Stop wasting time and embark with PRIMERA Maritime!